Biography :

- Chantal Leymarie

- France Doyon
- Anne de Suède
- Pascal Lasserre

French born visual artis

Recently she was part of the Art Contemporary Exposition in Dubai and found her rightful place in the 2000 and September 2002 edition of the World of Art -the Magazine of Global Contemporary Art.

Chantal completed her education at the Beaux Arts in Toulouse. For the past 20 years, she has displayed her works of art in places as far-flung as Johannesburg, Paris, Stockholm and Venice.


  • 1981, Galerie Simone Boudet, Toulouse, France
  • 1982, Galerie Simone Boudet, Toulouse, France
  • 1983, Modern Art Galerie, Johannesbourg, South Africa
  • 1984, Art Plus, Toulouse, France
  • 1986, Art Plus, Toulouse, France
  • 1989, Galerie Armoux, Paris, France
  • 1991, Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1992, Galerie Cottard Olsson, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1994, Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1995, Galerie Armoux, Paris, France
  • 1998, Polazzo Correr, Venise, Italy
  • 1996, Polazzo Correr, Venise, Italy
  • 1998, Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1999, Simone Boudet, Toulouse, France
  • 2000, French Artists Exhibition,City Center Hotel Dubai,U A E
  • 2001, French Artists Exhibition,le Meridien Dubai,U A E
  • 2001, Galerie Pascale Cottard,Stockholm,Sweden
  • 2001, The 5th International Graphic Art Annual, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2001, Artists of Today, Art Addiction Virtual Gallery, Sweden


  • 2001, Art Addiction Internet Art Museum -Artists of Today
  • 2000, WORLD of ART -contemporary art magazine and world art directory- 1st issue
    1996-2002 Internet Art Museum


  • 1998,Certificate of Merit, Art Addiction Annual in Venice "Masks in Venice 1998", Venice, Italy
  • 2001,Certificate of Exellence,Art Addiction,5th graphic International Exhibition

Chantal Leymarie Ferrus
00 33 613627078

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The artist describes her work, inspiration and unique modus operandi. "I live in Paris and I move from place to place. I have lived in Africa, Sweden,UAE, and each of these countries has given me new sources of inspiration. I never compose a picture mentally before I start painting. I stand in front of the white canvas and look at it. And as I stare, the ideas come flooding in. And, it feels as if I am in a dream. I have all the colors laid out and I know in which color my paintbrush must dip into, without even looking at the colors. It is almost as if there is a force moving my hand across the canvas. I work like a pianist who plays without notes... spontaneous, unconstrained, free and I cannot stop.I have started with Computer Art .A digital fine artist uses a computer as artistic tool,just as a traditional artist.I experiment with color,texture,and form.I print my images on canvas in large format.

2000 - 2002
- AAIAA -Art Addiction International Art association

- Art Diary International Art Diresctory (1997 - 2002), World of Art -the global international contemporay art magazine

2001, AAIAA -Art Addiction International Art Association