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A.U.A.I. sprl/bvba
If the starting point of the atelier's vision of the world is the relationship that ties people to their environment, as parts to the whole, then it is senseless to divide working scales: a building is worth a city.

Out of the "architecture of relationships" (intended not to be a formal architecture but as it could in a general sense be a "software architecture") the atelier deducts a genuine unconcern for the formal aspect of his buildings-cities. The atelier's natural instinct drives it to respect people (who really are future inhabitants of his buildings, not anyone walking in the street) at a level that it refuses to impose its way of life by means of a closed architecture. Even if this one could be inspired or artistic, it would not be made by people living in it.


Lucien Kroll

Architect, Urbanist, writer, lecturer, congressist, grandfather, …

Dag Boutsen

Architect, teacher, member of the board of the Dep. of Arch. St-Lucas Brussel-Gent

Bernard Fasol

Architect, Coordinateur Sécurité-santé

Pascal Moons


Vincent Moulin

Architect, conseiller PEB

Simone Kroll

Paysagiste, coloriste, ceramist