The Grand Carrousel
A wonderful epic tale
From 1 until 9 June, 2000.


An authentic baroque creation.
This event gathers horses and riders,
Musicians and singers,
Acrobats and dancers,
For a grand open-air spectacle,
Inspired by the carrousels
In 16 th and 17 th-century
European courts.



Inspired by the formal organisation of 17 th and 18 th-century, this event takes a critical look at the origins of the carrousel: the training of elite troops and war. The only aim of these huge and wonderful carrousels was to impress crowds with the most sophisticated war and cavalry techniques. These were presented in a considerably mitigated form and the only aim of the carrousel was to present beautiful parades and sophisticated exercises according to purely aesthetic principles. Nevertheless, the violent background of the spectacle would always remain present.


Starting from this historical background, through the carrousel of the Sablon, the authors started their adventurous quest for a peaceful Europe as illustrated by the Grand Carrousel. Taking their inspiration from ancient mythological legends and the symbolic meaning they carry, they broadened Europe’s destiny so as to include that of other mortals abducted by Zeus (Jupiter), each of whom represents an avatar of this mortal so beloved by the ruler of Olympus, that "favourable rock", welcoming land, cradle of our civilisation.



The Grand Carrousel will offer a prologue in song and dance, an athletic part featuring haute école exercises and jousts, as well as a grandiose episode where horses, chariots, singers and dancers will unite in a veritable equestrian opera containing a dramatic plot plot, a dénouement and an apotheosis.