The musicians

  • Ricercar Consort (25 musicians), directed by Philippe Pierlot.
  • The Namur Chamber Choir (18 singers), directed by Jean-Marie Marchal (picture on the left).
  • Four soloists: Laure Delcampe/Valérie Gabail, sopranos (Danaé, Leda) – Wilke te Brummelstroete, mezzo-soprano (Europe) – Jean-François Novelli, tenor (the poet/Apollon)
  • A band of oboes, a wind and percussion ensemble, established by Paul Dombrecht for a joint project of the conservatories of The Hague, Amsterdam and Brussels.
  • An Arab classical music ensemble, with the support of the Arabian Cultural Center in Brussels – Ali Khedher.
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  • General musical direction:
    Philippe Pierlot :
  Artists on horseback
  • 8 elite horses, mounted by stuntmen of international level, recruited with the help of Disneyland Paris.
  • 4 chariot horses: two Baroque draft horses (blond) and two Lusitanian chariot horses.
  Artists on foot
  • A group of polyvalent circus artists: actors-acrobats-jugglers, capable of taking part in theplay, to entertain the public and to perform feats of virtuosity. Sensitivity, mastery and a feeling for the stage were the criteria used for selecting the artists. Espace Catastrophe, Brussels – Catherine Magis.

  • A group of dancers familiar with Baroque gestures and aesthetics: Les Fragments Réunis (Paris), under the direction of Ana Yepes.

  • About forty extras: footmen and animal trainers.