Académie belge d'équitation

Académie belge d’équitation

The aim of the Académie belge d’équitation is to illustrate and promote horse-riding, whose principles, established in the 18th century in the Italian Academies of the Renaissance and refined in the classical period in the European courts, have finally reached their apogee in the 18th century with the School of Versailles and the prestigious equerry La Guérinière.

From the moment it was established in 1987, institutions like the Spanish Riding School and the Portuguese Riding School have offered the Académie belge d’équitation their patronage and welcomed it in the recently established Association internationale d’art équestre.

For several years, the Académie has been frequently participating in equestrian manifestations and also organising its own spectacles in Belgium and abroad. This is their contribution to the preservation of equitation as a part of the European heritage.



The Académie has about forty horses and as many volunteer riders.


They use exclusively stallions of ancient breeds –Lusitanians, Lipizzans or pure Spanish breed horses- from the Iberian Peninsula. These are real baroque-style horses of great artistic value, often referred to in literature as "Horse of the Kings and King of the Horses" or " emperor’s pedestal ", who took an important place in the carrousels of the 17th and 18th century.

About thirty of these stallions will participate in this carrousel as part of a series of classical choreographies, using a large number of equestrian exercises typical of Baroque period - carrousels : quadrilles, variable geometry equestrian ballet as well as haute école exercises level, both with mounted and led horses.

This event will offer the public the opportunity to discover a new discipline in the equestrian sports and a breed of horses that was very popular in the baroque period.

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