Short Biography of Armand de Callata˙, PhD.

- Armand de Callata˙ is doctor engineer (University of Louvain, Belgium).
- He is now retired from IBM where he has worked from 1959 to 1995.
- He hold a patent on an assisted suspension controlled by a hydraulic computer (1957) and has afterwards worked on process control by computers
- He acquired skills in many domains related to computer use and secure data communication in networks.
- He has developed programs in artificial intelligence, and was instructor on this topic when he was at the IBM European Education Center in la Hulpe, Belgium.
- He is now consultant (XL Knowledge Lab).

- He was interested in brain modeling and has published several papers and a book on how the brain might work. - He has studied biology and neuroscience.
- He had given introductory lectures on biology for engineers.

- As a designer and a generalist, he has worked with people from various disciplines. He has collected examples of researchers' implicit misconceptions about the scientific principles and the methods in the domains foreign to their own discipline. - He has shown examples of misconceptions of engineers about biology, of neuroscientists about engineering, and of physicists about artificial intelligence.

- He has worked on some aspects of the future evolution of information technologies. - He has developed a macro-economic model to teach economy to political advisors.

- List of main publications.

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